Salt-Water Sandals & Sensible Shoes

As your may have read recently I’ve been having a few problems with my feet. This means I’m having to seriously re-think my footwear. After years of resistance it’s time for sensible and supportive shoes. Bye bye ballet flats!

The March sunshine has given me hope that this spring and summer will be blissfully warm so I’m starting with some sandals. When I head to New York I’m hoping to pick up some of these.



(photo from Fashion is Spinach)

I almost bought a pair last year but feared they might be somewhat more geek than chic. But  now I am determined to acquire a pair!

After all, If they’re good enough for Alexa….


New York!


I can hardly believe it but I’m finally heading to New York in just two short weeks!

I’m staying with my Aunt and her family but will be spending much of my time exploring the city.

I’m there for just under a week and have already started planning the places I will visit and see but I thought I’d ask you, my lovely readers, for your tips and recommendations.

I’d love to hear your must sees in NYC!


Running: An Update


Any regular readers of Frankie’s Fancies will know that I wrote a month or so ago that I had taken up running in 2014. Having pledged to keep you posted I then went rather quiet, so I decided it was high time for an update.

All running has currently been suspended. This was not my choice and I am very sad about it but recurring foot problems (what 24 year old has arthritic big toes, I ask you?) mean that I can’t run in the immediate future.

I’ve been given some super sexy insoles by the podiatrist, which should get me back on track but in the mean time low impact cardio (spinning and running) is the order of the day.

On a separate but still related note I’ve recently returned to practising Iyengar Yoga after a break of eight years. Just over a month in and the difference it has made to my flexibility and wellbeing cannot be overstated.

How do you all like to keep active? I’d love to know.

The Year in Books: March


I’m a little late with my March book entry for The Year in Books. Despite only being two or three days shorter then the other months February always seems to fly by!

Last month I read and enjoyed Piper Kerman’s engaging memoir of her year in prison Orange is the New Black. Although very different from the Netflix television series of the same name the book offers an interesting and, one can’t help feeling, slightly more realistic portrait of life in a low security woman’s prison. It was a book that threw up many questions on the effectiveness of the justice system (both in the US and here).

This month I’m reading something completely different. It’s my choice for my book club (my real one that meets in a pub as opposed to this lovely yet virtual blogger one!) this month so I’ve chosen Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins. I selected it before this beautiful sunshine came along following weeks of rain as I was seduced by the blurb describing a story set on the sun drenched Italian coast and in Hollywood.

A summer read in March essentially! I’ll let you know how I get on.

Prohibition Party


Last weekend I headed to London and went back in time to the 1920s with my friend Laura.

I’ve been obsessed with the 1920s for as long as I can remember and the opportunity to dress up in my finest flapper dress and dance to jazz seemed too good to miss.


The Prohibition Party is held every month in the Bloomsbury Ballroom an amazing Art Deco venue. Our gin cocktails were poured into tea cups in the opening foyer (complete with piano, jazz singer and casino) before we headed into the main ballroom.


There we danced, enjoyed further cocktails and some fantastic entertainment. It was a wonderful night and I throughly recommend The Prohibition Party to any Jazz Age fan.


Photos by Sin Bozkurt photography