I’ve returned after a bit of an absence. At the beginning of 2014 I made a promise to myself to blog regularly, however I didn’t envisage the twists and turns that awaited me.

To be as succinct as possible my company in Oxford became part of a bigger company in Buckinghamshire.

After my house contact in Oxford ended a couple of weeks ago I returned to my Mum and Dad’s house in Windsor, where I’m staying for a couple of months while I finally finish learning to drive.

I have acquired my first car, a little 2002 Toyota Yaris, which is arriving later this week.

It’s been a throughly exhausting couple of months but the job change, house move and finding a car meant that blogging was sadly pushed to the back of my mind.

What do you have planned for the summer?




So I didn’t blog at all during April. I meant to but life kept getting in the way, it was a jam packed month filled with holidays, fun times with friends and general excitement. Here are my highlights:


Five days in New York. I’ll blog about the trip in more detail in coming weeks but my five days in The Big Apple were jammed packed with sight-seeing, great food and seeing my amazing family!


My trip to New York was followed by a weekend in London with my girlfriends from university. We headed to London Zoo where I made friends with a Penguin.


I wished my little sister Happy Birthday during afternoon tea at The Goring Hotel.


And whipped up a cake for Easter.


A friend visiting gave me the perfect excuse to head to one of my favourite places in Oxford, The Natural History Museum.

I hope you’re April was happy and fun. What was your highlight?

Salt-Water Sandals & Sensible Shoes

As your may have read recently I’ve been having a few problems with my feet. This means I’m having to seriously re-think my footwear. After years of resistance it’s time for sensible and supportive shoes. Bye bye ballet flats!

The March sunshine has given me hope that this spring and summer will be blissfully warm so I’m starting with some sandals. When I head to New York I’m hoping to pick up some of these.



(photo from Fashion is Spinach)

I almost bought a pair last year but feared they might be somewhat more geek than chic. But  now I am determined to acquire a pair!

After all, If they’re good enough for Alexa….


New York!


I can hardly believe it but I’m finally heading to New York in just two short weeks!

I’m staying with my Aunt and her family but will be spending much of my time exploring the city.

I’m there for just under a week and have already started planning the places I will visit and see but I thought I’d ask you, my lovely readers, for your tips and recommendations.

I’d love to hear your must sees in NYC!


Running: An Update


Any regular readers of Frankie’s Fancies will know that I wrote a month or so ago that I had taken up running in 2014. Having pledged to keep you posted I then went rather quiet, so I decided it was high time for an update.

All running has currently been suspended. This was not my choice and I am very sad about it but recurring foot problems (what 24 year old has arthritic big toes, I ask you?) mean that I can’t run in the immediate future.

I’ve been given some super sexy insoles by the podiatrist, which should get me back on track but in the mean time low impact cardio (spinning and swimming) is the order of the day.

On a separate but still related note I’ve recently returned to practising Iyengar Yoga after a break of eight years. Just over a month in and the difference it has made to my flexibility and wellbeing cannot be overstated.

How do you all like to keep active? I’d love to know.